What’s Old Is New Again

March 14, 2011 § 6 Comments


     As the weather starts to change from a blistering cold winter to a nice balmy spring, my desires for something new to wear becomes almost overwhelming.  It has been many long month’s since I had the luxury of spending money on anything but the true necessities, and unfortunately, today is no different.  No budget = No shopping.  So instead of trudging the malls and cute boutiques for the latest spring trends, I will be shopping my own closet for them.  This is not a new concept, by any means.  Stylists have been touting this idea for years, but how many of us actually do it?   Luckily, spring 2011 isn’t a season of crazy new trends so I’ve found this season to be a good one for trying this out.  I am convinced I’ll be able to find a few new looks with all of my old fashions.  In fact, this spring it is all about old fashions coming back in a new way, so I think my closet is really the best place to start. 

     Before shopping a trend, I look to see what trend of the season fits my overall taste and style.  This spring I happen to like a few of them.  

     The first trend I like is the Wide Leg Pant.  I’ve always loved this look.    The Wide Leg Pant is a very classic style and can be incorporated into the current men’s wear trend.   This pant can also have a casual or even bohemian vibe, if you like.  A note about wide-legs pants, whether they be jeans, trousers or a palazzos: with all of these styles you can run the risk of having the pant overwhelm your frame.  I have found that these styles typically work best on people who are 5′ 5″ and above or have longer legs. I wouldn’t say you can’t wear them if you have a small frame or shorter legs, but you may need to wear high heels to pull off the look.  If you’re short in the legs, not high heel minded or just don’t feel this look is right for you, then you might want to try my next trend pick.

     My second eye-catching trend is another pant.  This one never goes out of style. Just keeps being reinvented. It is the Crop Pant.  This pant is on my list because it is a great mommy pant.  Literally, everyone I know owns a pair of Capri’s.  This season, it is all about the styling of them.  This pant can look biker edgy, 60’s classic, or mommy casual.  Betty Draper from AMC’s Mad Men has set this look a fire.  This look styles perfectly with kitten heels and a crop sweater.  I personally love this look with flats. If you are a mom chasing around little one’s, you’ll love wearing them with flats too.  It just works.  The very best thing about this item is that you don’t need to go out and buy yet another new pair (unless you want to and have the money to spend).  If you are anything like me, start closet diving. 

     The third trend on my list this spring is the ever versatile White Shirt.  This item can be casual,  formal or even party wear.  Whether it’s a button down, tee or tank, you are right on trend with a white shirt.  This can be paired with either of my first two trend selections and look totally amazing.  The beauty of my picks is that you can be trendy without looking to trendy.  My picks are also one’s that will last longer than just one season.  Check your closet first but know that if you really feel the urge to buy, you will be able to wear these for seasons to come.

     Keep in mind, there are a ton of fashion trends that are still going strong.   You cannot go wrong wearing any of these this spring:

  1. ballet flats
  2. wedges/platforms
  3. ruffles
  4. leggings
  5. tunics
  6. chambray denim
  7. flared pants
  8. stripes
  9. bold colors
  10. lace
  11. floral

      This season, I challenge you to shop your own closet.  You will probably end up finding an amazing outfit or two.   I did!  My advise… Find what represents your style and be inspired to create looks that work for you and the life you live. 

     Below are some outfits from my closet shopping trip

Banana Republic jean capri’s – Spring 2008, Butterfly Burnout top – Spring 2008, Halogen cropped sweater – Spring 2005, Aldo ballet flats – Spring 2005.

Gap jean jacket – 2001, Mossimo white tank – 2009 (still available at Target for $8), cotton wide leg pant – 2009.

Banana Republic white cotton shirt – 1998 (WOW!), Mossimo tank top – Spring 2009, Hype eyelet and lace skirt – Spring 2003, I.N.C. patent leather wedges – Spring 2009.


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§ 6 Responses to What’s Old Is New Again

  • Tracy says:

    I love this post!!! Thanks for the tips. I’m about 5’6″ but longer torso, shorter legs so the crop pant idea is a good one for me. I swear you need to start your own magazine. Love you! And love the pics!

  • TM says:

    LOVE the first outfit. You’re so pretty in pink! 🙂

  • Sue Estenson says:

    Great post today! I wish mycloset looks like the one you pictured. It inspires me to get in and clean mine out! I know I will find some things I forgot about. Also it will get me out of the rut of wearing the same 4 things all the time!

  • Lauren says:

    Hey girlfriend! Can you come over here and help organize MY closet!?!? xoxoxoxo

  • Trisha says:

    I was thinking the same thing as Lauren if I fly you up to Oregon will you help me with this undertaking, you make it seem so simple!

  • Denise says:

    All I have to say is can shop for that body in your closet too? ; ) haha

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